Descaler Greenie

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Descaling Solution for Firma Inovy Machines.

Content : 750ml

Special descaler for high-quality espresso machines of every brand.
Suitable for fully or semi automatic coffee machines, Coffee packets and Coffee capsule-Systems as well as portafilter espresso machines.

lujoCLEAN descaler Greenie" is highly effective, simple and safe to use and guarantess an effortless and fast descalification process. Extends the life of your machine with regular usage. Leaves no residues. After the descalification process, you just rinse it out and the machine is ready to go. Because of the high corrosion protection our descaler won´t harm the high-quality material of your espresso or coffeemachine. Free of harmful residues that could clog your machine.
Environmentally friendly.

specially formulated for a powerful descalification
environmentally friendly
strong against chalk, gentle liquid detergent for your equipment
suitable for coffee machines, water cookers, steam machines etc.
based on citric acid